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MA (Economic and Social History, University of Helsinki). Researcher, critic & science editor and journalist, and a partner in Data Harvest CO. You can see my list of publications here, and some of my projects here.

I take a special interest in urbanism, vernacular culture and photography. I am currently doing research on representations of Europe. It is a project on Histories, Images and Europeans. It includes a project Eurosigns Branding Euro(pe) from above, below and sideways. My other current interest is urban history and scenery, especially call shops and small scale entrepreneurs. I am also working on a PhD dissertation The Market for Quackery in Finland at the Beginning of the 20th Century (University of Helsinki).

I share my time between Brussels and Helsinki.

Memberships in professional associations

  • Finnish Composers’ Copyright Society (Teosto)
  • Finnish Association of Non-fiction Writers’ (Suomen tietokirjailijat)
  • Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (Suomen tieteentekijöiden liitto)
  • Finnish Association of Science Editors and Journalist (Tiedetoimittajat)
  • Finnish Critics’ Association (Suomen arvostelijain liitto)

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