Eurosigns are ubiquitous in Brussels. They range from the official, hegemonic branding ot the EU institutions to the quiant charm of hand painted signs of artsans and small entrepreneurs.

My case study is the Capital of Europe, Brussels and the history related material produced and used there. In my view in situ -observation is essential: both the branding of EU takes place in Brussels and the branding of Brussels as the capital of Europe leave their physical and visual marks on the town. The heterogeneity of Brussels as a city reflects, both in degree and kind, the heterogeneity of Europe as a whole.

Both the official and private eurosigns tap into the resources of the EU as a superbrand, The unofficial narratives are neither as carefully branded nor as effectively disseminated as official PR-material for the European Union. Still, the mixed group of entrepreneurs selling computers, food, jewellery, shoes and trips to other continents under the word or sign of "euro" or some visual modification of the official EU-flag has truly set its mark on the urban landscape.

For an extensive discussion, see my articles

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