MY SENSITIVITY to the “unplannedness” of Belgium and Brussels are conditioned by my upbringing in more regulated and rule-observant Finland. I moved from Helsinki to Brussels at the turn of the millenium. As many other Nordic newcomers, I found the local approach to the built environment both carefree and creative. The ways of taking control of space that startled me included the most inventive DIY constructions, the filling up of space with posters and paintings, ad hoc decorations, and various unfinished constructions with an air of improvisation.

I NOTICED Publique Phone in the very beginning of 2007. Its facade is dominated by a carelessly installed thirty foot long yellow hose shielding - for what it is worth - electric wiring in a way that looks both amusing, amazing and depressing. I took my first picture of this installation, which I at first thought of as temporary, and started to follow the situation. One one occasion, a passer-by told me that there is no point in taking photos any more since the building had just been sold. He obviously took me for a potential buyer.

THE CALL SHOP was closed at latter half of the year 2009. The hose disappeared at the end of the year 2012.

call shop
5th of January 2007

call shop
20th of April 2007

publique phone 3 ©oittinen
23rd of July 2008

call shop
14th of September 2008

call shop
3rd of February 2009

call shop
6th of March 2009

call shop
24th of April 2009

call shop
21st of November 2009

call shop
17th of December 2009

call shop
8th of April 2010

call shop
14th of May 2010

phone letku 14
24th of May 2010

phone letku 16bJPG
24th of July 2010

call shop
1st of October 2010

call shop
19th of December 2010

call shop
1st of May 2011

call shop
1st of February 2012

phone letku
14th of October 2012

letku 7.6.2013
3rd of June 2013

2nd of October 2013

letku 2015
8th of February 2015

5th of May 2015